National Osteopathy Awareness Week 2017

It’s National Osteopathy Awareness week

16th – 22nd April 2017!

Dave has kicked it all off early with a visit to our local Kindergarten this week.  

We were excited to be invited along to explain what an osteopath does to a great bunch of kids at Onekawa Kindergarten on Monday.   The children seem to be focusing their play on all things ‘medical’, so we took some ‘tools of the trade’ along, including a few bones.  Dave talked a little bit about what he does, then it was show and tell time..


One of the children trying out the stethoscope

Your leg bone’s connected to your, knee bone..

Dave showing off his arms

This is how your spine fits into your body

This one here is your Bum Bone

Who knows what this is?
Is it an Elephant’s trunk?

Thank you to all the staff and children from Onekawa Kindergarten!  We’ll see you again next year 🙂

Dave & Sarah

Is Your Car Driving Position Comfortable & Safe?

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Jandals Could Be a Flop

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